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At New Super Optical, I caters for patients with a variety of visual disorders, from short and long sightedness, to cataracts and dry eyes. I am a highly skilled ophthalmologists who will work with you to improve your vision and enhance your quality of life. I believe that improving your eyesight shouldn’t be cost-prohibitive, so I offer a range of payment options to suit everyone. Contact me today through my booking form, or stop by my practice in Lucknow to discuss.

We offer a detailed analysis to determine the nature of your problem

I can advise on a range of surgeries for vision correction, including cataracts and laser eye surgery. Your suitability for surgery will first be assessed by me, and I will recommend the best treatment option for you. If you choose to proceed, I will then discuss my flexible range of payment options for the product that you need. After the procedure, you’ll receive comprehensive aftercare including follow-up consultations at regular intervals and I will be here to answer any post-purchase queries you may have.

Get the correct prescription from a qualified professionals

Your journey with me begins with an eye examination, during which I will determine the proper prescription for your vision. I have a wide range of glasses and contact lenses that have many frame and lens options for you to choose from in order to find a style to suit you best. I also offer prescription sunglasses, glasses for younger children, and other eyewear options.


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